August 2021 with Liz Rice

Cloud Natives UK

Many of us at Cloud Natives UK have been working hard over the last couple of months to put together the first Kubernetes Community Days UK, so much hard work in fact that we’ve decided to have a launch party and invite some of our favourite speakers to get the ball rolling!

Our headline speaker needs no introduction: it’s Liz Rice! But if we were going to give an introduction we’d mention that Liz is the Chief Open Source Officer with eBPF pioneers Isovalent, the chair of the CNCF’s Technical Oversight Committee, an ambassador for Open UK, and author of Container Security: Fundamental Technology Concepts that Protect Containerized Applications. At this point, you might be surprised to hear that Liz has free time (!?!) where she can be found riding her bike or banging the drums.

Our second speaker, who would insist on an introduction, is none other than Ivan Pedrazas. One of the co-organisers of Kubernetes London and with a list of jobs that when viewed would break LinkedIn. Ivan puts a lot of thought into leadership and is a mentor to many. The introduction that Ivan would insist on would be promptly followed by talking about his love of cake and calligraphy.

We’ll also be announcing some of the speakers and workshops for Kubernetes Community Days UK and sharing more information about what you can expect.

We’ll have further announcements of their talks closer to the event on Thursday 12th August at 6pm, as well as posting the YouTube links to come and join us.

The event will be live streamed to YouTube - RSVP via one of the meetup links below:

👉 Edinburgh

👉 Glasgow