March 2021 with Dan "POP" Papandrea

Cloud Natives UK

Dan Pop

The inaugural Cloud Natives UK event with Dan “POP” Papandrea! This one’s scheduled for March 25th and will kick off at 6pm GMT.

This is a joint virtual event being put together by the Cloud Native groups in Manchester, Wales, Glasgow and Edinburgh, representing the cloud native communities from each of the countries in mainland UK.

We’re really pleased to welcome our very special guest Dan “Pop” Papandrea, who’ll be joining us live from New York. Dan heads up open source advocacy at Sysdig, is a CNCF Ambassador, gives a ton of his time to the CNCF community and is the host of one of the best Cloud Native podcasts out there - The PopCast.

Dan’s talk will be :

“Runtime Security is like making biscuits… you need the right ingredients

In this talk we will show runtime security capabilities with Falco and its uses by:

You will come out of this with an appreciation of Falco… and perhaps more importantly BISCUITS!”

As if that wasn’t enough, Dan will be joining us for a roundtable discussion with the organisers from each of our communities, where we’ll be chatting about the challenges of running communities in the virtual world, biscuits, podcasts and all things cloud native. We’ve got some questions up our sleeves that we’ll be asking, but we’d also love to have your questions that you’d like us to put to Dan, or to any of the panelists. Let us know on any of the usual channels and we’ll send you some free swag !

And for even more Cloud Native goodness, we’ll have lightning talks from all of you lovely folks ! Our lightning speakers will be:

The event will be live streamed to YouTube, and here’s the signup links for the various meetup groups themselves:

👉 Manchester

👉 Edinburgh

👉 Glasgow

👉 Wales