May 2021 with Justin Garrison

Cloud Natives UK

Justin Garrison

The hits just keep on coming - here’s the second edition of Cloud Natives UK on May 6th. This is a joint virtual event being put together by the Cloud groups in Manchester, Wales, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and now we also welcome Cloud Native Bristol to the family! Together we represent nearly 5000 people from cloud native communities across the UK.

We’re really pleased to welcome our very special guest Justin Garrison, who’ll be joining us live from Los Angeles. Justin is a Developer Advocate at AWS where he helps improve container services for everyone. In the past he has helped make Oscar winning movies, built infrastructure for Disney+, and has been active in open source for a long time.

Justin is the author of Cloud Native Infrastructure, a great contributor to the Cloud Native community, and a fantastic speaker. If you missed his talk at the last KubeCon NA, we highly recommend checking it out.

Justin’s talk will be on “from containers to cloud”:

“I learned containers solve problems with repeatable, isolated application deployments. Now individual applications aren’t a problem and my environment is much more complex. Containers has proven to be the little standard that could adapt. No matter if you’re new to containers or an experienced user we’ll look at how containers are used for packaging more than traditional web apps.”

We’ve got some questions up our sleeves that we’ll be asking, but we’d also love to have your questions that you’d like us to put to Justin, or to any of the panelists. Let us know on any of the usual channels and we’ll send you some free swag !

In addition to Justin, we’ve also got some phenomenal lighting talks lined up from speakers across the UK Cloud Native communities:

Addicted to solving complex problems and dedicated to help the world gain confidence in today’s rapidly shifting technological landscape. After trying electrical, mechanical and software engineering, I finally admitted that my place is in the cloud, trying to make it more reachable to everyone. It is all about sharing and collaboration!

How often can we comfortably, timely and reliably scale a whole microservices platform in Kubernetes without anticipating crashed pods or broken connections? This is even worse when we anticipate high peak load where we need everything to be up and running in seconds.

To address this problem, we decided to build an open source Kubernetes operator which scales multiple applications together in anticipation of higher load. It achieves that by defining a platform state and ensuring that all applications are scaled in a controlled, declarative and secure way. In this talk, we’ll go more into the idea behind the operator and explain its working principles.

Abstract TBC

Running Kubernetes applications on public cloud infrastructure means I don’t have to worry about backup, right? The cloud providers SLAs cover this, right? Wrong. Most cloud providers offer additional services to accommodate recovery strategies, but careful scrutiny of these services will reveal pros and cons to these approaches. By taking a cloud-native, Kubernetes-first approach, will give you the ultimate control and flexibility of your backups regardless of where your Kubernetes deployments live. In this lightning talk by Kevin Jackson from Trilio, you can manage your backup strategy to encompass DR and migration of complex applications beyond the walls of your cloud provider.

The event will be live streamed to YouTube - RSVP via one of the meetup links below:

👉 Manchester

👉 Edinburgh

👉 Glasgow

👉 Wales

👉 Bristol

We’ve got more of these linkups in the pipeline, keep your eyes peeled for the next event!